Legislative Update – Post Mortem

The legislative session ended today at 12 PM. Both the House and the Senate imploded with filibusters on both sides that resulted in no capital outlay projects being funded for anybody in the state – this includez our LEDA Funds. There is talk that a special session will need to take place possibly in August to address the redistricting issue and capital outlay. We may pick up the bulk of our LEDA funds then.

All is not lost in the interim. We are working with the Martinez Administration to use some existing capital outlay funds to get our project started, while we wait for the special session to be announced. There is an excellent chance for us to receive at least $1.5 million to begin.

Finally, the hazmat funds that have been sitting around for several years ($800k) for our Santa Teresa hazmat station were reauthorized and can now be used to start construction on this facility.

I read a statistic this morning that only 40 bills had passed both houses and had been sent to the governor for her signature. This means that the BIA had 10 percent of all successful bills in this session.
This is a testament to our increasing influence and visibility. We have a good thing going here.

I am pointing my car south, leaving the circus, and heading back to sanity. See all of you soon.