Captain Tim Labier of NM Motor Transportation Division: Discussion of Santa Teresa Overweight Cargo Zone

Captain Tim Labier of the NM Motor Transportation Division

Captain Labier gave an overview of the six-mile overweight cargo zone in which trucks loaded with up to 96,000 lbs of cargo can travel even if they have a reducible load. This zone was approved by the NM Legislature during the 2011 legislative session and went into effect last July.

Captain Labier explained how this could help existing companies in the area and may even attract new ones. Jerry Pacheco noted that already three companies have moved to the Santa Teresa area as a direct result of the new zone.

The cost of this new permit is $250 annually and is applied to a single truck. This gives companies the ability to pay for only the trucks that will travel in the zone rather than paying for their entire fleet.

Captain Labier wanted to allay any concerns our members might have about the Mexican trucks on NM roads. He said he is confident that these trucks will not impact the safety of our roads. In fact, Mexican trucks have a lower out-of-service rate than the national average, which is 22%. Mexican trucks crossing into the US are averaging approximately 16%.