Rail infrastructure to import Asian products via New Mexico-Chihuahua

By: Rolando Nájera | 30-Nov-2012  www.omnia.com.mx

The new Ferromex-Union Pacific rail infrastructure to be established on both sides of the Chihuahua-New Mexico border will become the link for imports from Asia, governors Cesar Duarte and Susana Martinez declared today.

Martinez assured that thanks to the Union Pacific investment, customs brokers, warehousing, and other businesses have set up in the area to take advantage of New Mexico’s infrastructure.

The Governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, informed that US$400 million are being invested by Union Pacific in New Mexico and that US$125 million by Mexico in the Juarez rail tracks.

Martinez said that, “We have budgeted taxpayer’s public funds aimed at fortifying New Mexico;s infrastructure, US$2 million were spent in water infrastructure to fight fires.”