Chihuahua Governor asks speed-up of construction of roads and railways

By Antonio Rebolledo El Diario November 28, 2013

Ojinaga –Yesterday Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte asked President Enrique Peña Nieto to give priority to the construction of road and rail axes to allow interstate communication to the Pacific Ocean and to the United States.

In his message, the Governor asked the President to speed-up construction of the Ciudad Juárez rail bypass to prevent rail from splitting the city in two, to reactivate the monorail project at the Santa Teresa-Jerónimo international crossing so as to facilitate more agile transfer of goods and also construction of the Guadalupe-Tornillo bridge to lower congestion at the Juárez border crossings. 

Additionally, the Governor asked for the modernization of the Ojinaga international bridge, updating infrastructure for crossing cattle at Ojinaga, and to revive the project for a railway system at the Ojinaga/Presidio region “a project that should have never stopped, to consolidate daily transportation of goods to central Texas, a project that we promoted to Asian investors in our most recent Asian tour, an extraordinarily ambitious project but one that may be responsibly realized “, he said.

He said that the ultimate goal of this infrastructure chain would be the creation of infrastructure “to build locomotives here.”

He added that in order to provide continuance to the northern interstate axis starting at Nuevo Leon, it is required to build the Ojinaga -El Porvenir – Manuel Benavides highway to the border of the state Coahuila which will expedite trade to the Pacific coast, but this requires following-up on the Dallas – Ojinaga -Topolobampo interstate axis, which involves modernizing the highway from Chihuahua to Laguna – Ojinaga and the segment Aldama – Km 85; as well as concluding the Chihuahua Southern Highway Bypass and the segment from San Rafael to the Sonora border.

The governor stated that the Juarez – Durango – Fresnillo highway axis, which is part of the Northern Economic Corridor, will allow communications to link the Pacific and the Gulf sea ports, but to do this it is required to conclude construction of the Ciudad Juárez Eastern Highway Bypass, widen the Villa Ahumada – Sueco – Sacramento-stretch and to build the Chihuahua Western Highway Bypass and the segments Palomas – Satevó – Parral as well as to take advantage of the recently inaugurated Durango – Mazatlán freeway

The governor thanked President Peña Nieto for closure of the internal customs checkpoints at Samalayuca, Janos and La Mula, and he pointed out that the increase of the Value Added Tax to 16 percent in the border area of the country does not constitute an imposing fiscal policy, but a policy of justice for public finances. “Merchandise pricing at the border already included the VAT, the difference was that the VAT monies did not go to the federal government treasury but to businessmen through the fiscal reimbursement process. Now the VAT money will go to border public projects, “he said.

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