Chihuahua Governor asks speed-up of construction of roads and railways

By Antonio Rebolledo El Diario November 28, 2013

Ojinaga –Yesterday Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte asked President Enrique Peña Nieto to give priority to the construction of road and rail axes to allow interstate communication to the Pacific Ocean and to the United States.

In his message, the Governor asked the President to speed-up construction of the Ciudad Juárez rail bypass to prevent rail from splitting the city in two, to reactivate the monorail project at the Santa Teresa-Jerónimo international crossing so as to facilitate more agile transfer of goods and also construction of the Guadalupe-Tornillo bridge to lower congestion at the Juárez border crossings.  Continue reading “Chihuahua Governor asks speed-up of construction of roads and railways”

Chihuahua Arranges for Rail Bypass

EL DIARIO | 2013-05-24 | 

Chihuahua governor César Duarte, said that this same year work will begin on a rail bypass from Samalayuca to Santa Teresa, NM, to facilitate the flow of commercial cargo between Mexico and the U.S.

The Governor stated that he is applying before the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) for construction of the railway expansion, which would go from Samalayuca to Santa Teresa, NM. Continue reading “Chihuahua Arranges for Rail Bypass”

Border Development is a Bright Spot in State Economy

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By Harold Morgan

Jerry Pacheco can hardly contain his enthusiasm as he provides a “windshield tour” of the Santa Teresa Logistics Park just north of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.

“Now it’s happening,” he says repeatedly. The enthusiasm may have drawn extra energy from Pacheco’s passenger this columnist being a fellow Santa Teresa true believer. Continue reading “Border Development is a Bright Spot in State Economy”

A Port In The Desert

By Bill Hume / For the Journal on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

SUNLAND PARK – Santa Teresa “will become a key inland port in the United States” when Union Pacific Railroad’s massive $500 million refueling and intermodal yard is completed there in five years, according to Zoe Richmond, UP’s director of public affairs for Arizona and New Mexico.

“Think of it as a chicken coop for trains,” Richmond said.

It will be a major refueling, crew change, switch yard and intermodal ramp for UP’s busy Sunset Corridor, from Los Angeles-Long Beach through to Chicago and across the nation.

Continue reading “A Port In The Desert”