Overweight Zone Expansion – A BIA 2015 Legislative Priority

In 2011, the New Mexico Legislature and Governor Susana Martinez established a six-mile overweight zone for commercial cargo at the ports of Santa Teresa and Columbus, New Mexico – both land-based ports of entry that don’t require crossing a river.  Maximum weights for commercial loads are 80,000 pounds in the U.S., and 96,000 pounds in Mexico.  The overweight zone allows loads up to 96,000 pounds coming from or going to Mexico within a six-mile range of the ports of entry.  Since its inception, 12 new logistics and distribution companies have moved operations within this zone, creating more than 600 jobs.  The zone has proven to be popular with firms wishing to save on their logistics costs by not having to reduce their loads coming from Mexico into the U.S.

Due to its success and the desire to include the new Union Pacific Intermodal Yards, legislation has been drafted to extend the zone to a distance 12 miles north of the Santa Teresa and Columbus Ports of Entry.  During the summer, New Mexico’s Legislative House Transportation Committee voted unanimously to endorse the legislation, which will be introduced in the January 2013 session of the New Mexico Legislature.  There is strong support behind this bill, and if passed it is expected to generate even more jobs and investment in New Mexico’s border region.

For more information on the overweight cargo zones, please contact Jerry Pacheco at 575-589-2200 or jerry@www.nmbia.org.

Proposed Overweight Zone expansion at the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.


Proposed Overweight Zone expansion at the Columbus Port of Entry.