About Us

The BIA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization consisting of more than 100 members (all involved in industry), that represent more than 4,000 jobs, hundreds of millions in investment in southern New Mexico, and millions of dollars of annual taxes. The Santa Teresa/Sunland Park region, which surrounds the Santa Teresa Port of Entry (STPOE), represents one of New Mexico’s largest industrial bases.

Opportunities Along the Border:

  • Support development of an industrial supplier base within the Santa Teresa – Las Cruces corridor
  • Establishment of an alternative energy industrial base in southern New Mexico
  • Establishment of a retail/commercial base surrounding the Santa Teresa Port of Entry
  • Supporting projects complimentary to the San Jeronimo development south of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry
  • Development of housing projects in southern Doña Ana County

Issues Facing the Border Region
During the past few years, our membership has been confronted by:

  • Rising electricity rates and electricity reliability issues
  • International port expansion and extension of port hours
  • Water/Wastewater infrastructure needs
  • Development of the region’s workforce
  • New Mexico tax policy that makes our region non-competitive
  • Cap and trade/air quality regulations
  • Logistics issues

BIA Accomplishments:

  • Creation of an overweight commercial zone at the border
  • Creation of a permanent border infrastructure fund
  • Personal income tax policy revision to keep jobs competitive in our border region
  • Capital outlay for water/wastewater infrastructure